Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vintage Jewelry Re-created

Today I will show the pictures of the jewelry I sold to ChiChi yesterday, made up of old beautiful vintage crystals and beads and combined with copper or silver, whatever the beads seemed to ask for. Some sold directly on sight and the rest are for sale at ChiChi. The lacy necklace in silver and purple is already taken as well as the copper and moonglow pearl necklace in the last post. On request I made up another last night which is almost the same, but slightly different with more crystals on the dangles.
The one in shades of purple came from a beautiful named Vendome necklace from the late 40s or early 50s probably, and had lovely crystals and beads in ceramic and also a type of plastic, probably lucite.

I had a great time with these projects and look forward to doing more. There are still lots of treasures in my new/old stash to be re-made.

The shop carrying my jewelry is at 515 Osborne Street in winnipeg, in case any local readers catch these posts.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring is Here, New Work to show

The snow has almost melted, the temperatures are now well above freezing almost every day and every day I hear the lovely songs of some of the newly returned songbirds around here.

In celebration of spring and also a try at something I haven't done yet I created a bold colorful pendant and chain in copper, seed beads, and other elements to tie it all together. I put it up for sale at my etsy shop for 35.00 including shipping in case anyone is brave enough, (besides me) to wear it. Even if not, it's painterly elements add color to my shop so I added it. I also have created a pendant of new, old, vintage, stone, mother of pearl and copper which will be added to my shop as soon as I design a chain for it.

I have also made another piece for the local shop ChiChi and have included a sneak preview. This is made up of lovely "moonglow" vintage lucite beads provided for me, and copper which in my opinion compliments the beads beautifully. It even shows up on my copper colored skin (which tents to hide instead of highlight copper). I haven't reconciled myself to mixing plastic and silver, not even with my polymer clay beads. In time maybe.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Vintage Components in a Modern Piece

A while back I ordered some lovely turquoise beads from another etsy seller, the beadersboutique, and have been wearing turquoise around my neck ever since. The first piece in copper and turquoise I have put up for sale at my etsy store. The second one I used silver which I had been waiting for and added a couple of very interesting components to the pendant. The mother-of-pearl arrow dates back to the early 1900's given to me by someone who knows the history behind it, and the other is a small rhinestone heart which I took off the chain and added to my own work. It is a named "Afterthought" piece about 50 or more years old, again from someone who knows the history. I included a close up of the little heart, which I had to have. Rhinestone jewelry had become very collectible and I love it! Especially small components which I can add to my own work. this is a personal piece not for sale at any price.

I also included a shot of my latest listing at my etsy store,
I changed out the man made turquoise beads for magnetic hematite and liked the result much better. This way all the components are all from the earth. This piece ,with the 18 inch copper bar chain I made, is priced at $45.00.I will be showing more of my etsy listings in the future as well.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Staying Here After All and My Latest Projects

I discovered that the other site I mentioned, my Live Spaces page displays some of the print weirdly in Internet Explorer, (Two sentences superimposed on each other) so I am back here again.

I have been busy making jewelry since my last post. Some of the pieces are from the beads provided by ChiChi for exclusive work for them and some are from old crystals I found at an excellent flea market just a few blocks away! I just discovered it and found some excellent stuff.
The crystal necklace I got for just a few dollars is lovely with dark green AB crystals, and I picked up another which is crystal clear, no AB (Aurora Borealis). I can tell it's lead crystal by the way the light reflects from it in prismatic colors. There were also two giant crystals suspended on plain metal chains . One is dark smoky gray and the other is the familiar AB coated white or clear one. Both of them are now focals bracketed by filagree sterling bead caps. These I plan to keep for myself.

I had a great time designing my latest pieces for ChiChi out of the beautiful beads they gave me.
Once they are in the store I will post photos. Some are with the lovely filagree beads and some are with amethyst and some of the gorgeous purple crystals and beads just given to me lately to re-design.

For now I will just include photos of my own work, which I probably won't sell, and the old necklaces before I took them apart.