Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Dream Come True

From the first time I saw an encased floral lampwork bead I've been in love with glass and the things that can be done with it. I desperately wanted to make glass beads myself and took a class to learn the basics. Once I found out all the ramifications of proper ventilation, kiln annealing which is absolutely necessary for lasting beads, and the electrical requirements for running a kiln I decided that as long as I live where I am now it just wasn't possible, so I turned to wire to satisfy my desire to create wearable art with the dream of combining high end quality lampwork,( from an accomplished lampwork artist, or artists) with sterling silver and crystals to make truly original wearable art.
Here are a couple of shots of my first designer necklace using lampwork beads, sterling silver and crystals. This is my own piece but is an example of the type of work I plan to add to my shop. I found a talented reputable lampwork artist who has been into it for years and who's unique designs and use of color satisfy the need for color in my shop and add the artistic touch to my creations that I've wanted from the first.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bedding Plants I Grew From Seed

In April I started several different types of seeds and here is a series of shots showing the progression. I finally planted out most of them last Tuesday and Wednesday (June 2 and 3rd). Its been cold and rainy here so they haven't grown much yet, but I prepared for a rotten cold spring by concentrating on cold tolerant plants when I bought the rest of my bedding plants. Besides the flowers shown here, I planted pansies, marigolds, nicotania, violas, and alyssum, which all tolerate cold and my front garden, where I plant most of my flowers is doing quite well. Once I take outside shots I'll post them along with updates on how my plants are doing.

Monday, June 8, 2009

More Jewelry Shots

Here are the shots of the earrings that went with one of the necklaces. The necklace in the top photo was one of the vintage pieces that I didn't include in my last post, which was in the collection I sold last week.

First an Update on My Jewelry

I am still making jewelry from vintage beads and crystals and here are some shots of my latest creations that I sold to a local shop here in Winnipeg called Chi Chi which has been buying my upcycled vintage pieces for over a year now. The multicolored piece with the lampwork beads was a custom creation along with the matching earrings. There is nothing I enjoy more that turning old jewelry which was made from beautiful components into new works that will last a lifetime and more.