Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some of My Other Art

I've been drawing since I could pick up a crayon and have never gone more than a couple of months without at least trying to draw something. Faces and animals have been my main focus. Horses were the first animal that I fell in love with as a baby apparently.
When I was born we lived in a city called Hull, now called Gatineau, located just across the river from Ottawa. The milk wagons at the time were still drawn by horses and that was what prompted my very first words "pretty doggy", at only 9 months, according to my Mom. So horses, naturally, were my first subject. I also saw the movie "Bambi" when very small and deer with long eyelashes were another of my favorites.
None of my art has ever been viewed by anyone other than my family and I decided to show some of it here. I'm contemplating changing my inventory in my Etsy store to mainly original art and/or prints of my originals instead of jewelry. In the mean time I'm working on perfecting my techniques and doing research on what types of art are the most popular. In the mean time, here are some examples.
My little teapot was drawn from life in Corel Procreate Painter, the eagle is a charcoal drawing I did years ago to hang over my husband's dresser, and the horse pictures are from the latest pastel drawing I did, from a photo in a book on horses. I scanned the original while in progress and the finished work. The original butterfly I drew in Photoshop using the pencil and brush tools mainly and the grass was a special brush type. It was based on a photo.