Thursday, May 1, 2008

Been busy with my other passion, seedlings

The last couple of weeks have been busy for me because it's seed starting time for a lot of the plants that I will have in my gardens. Tomatoes, nicotania, datura, impatiens, marigolds, allysum and begonias are all on the list of seeds now in various stages of germination. All my tomatoes and a lot of the begonias are up and the datura, an exotic large blooming fragrant beauty, are mostly up too. Usually I grow geraniums and so I would have been busy since March 15, but this year I'm into fragrance and those plants are fast growing and can be started way later.
I use heat mats to hasten germination and florescent lights to help out.

I've also made some new jewelry, but with seed starting and yard clean-up I've been too busy to take pictures. Next post will have some photos of my new jewelry and maybe some of my seedlings too. Fellow gardeners will get a kick out of seeing my little ones.

I never lost the thrill of emerging seedlings, and am always amazed at how quickly they grow. I'm an organic gardener and have never used poison of any kind in my yard. (not preaching, just my personal preference). I have a variety of song birds, squirrels, toads in a really good year, and rabbits too. The rabbits have never gone into my gardens, preferring the clover and dandelions (some escape my digger) to even my lettuce.

Look for pictures in my next post, but I just wanted to let any readers know what I'm up to.