Sunday, January 11, 2009

My dream becomes reality!

This is my second original cast resin figure of the deer's head. This time the resin I used cured quickly and this one has no sticky residue at all. I wrapped it in silver plated wire and used Swarovski crystals to make a collar. Deer have always been first on my list of well loved wildlife and I've been drawing them as far back as I remember. To wear one as jewelry is also one of the things I have wanted to do and the transparent resin makes it delicate enough to be possible. This is only the beginning. With the ability to cast resin in any mold I make from scratch makes the possibilities infinite.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Resin Work

These are shots of some of my earlier resin work, (the pink rose) and some of my more recent work, the white roses and butterfly all done in polymer clay and then encased in resin. I love the idea of creating my own inclusions from scratch, as well as my own molds. I love the way you can turn the pendant sideways and see the total effect of the three dimensional flowers or other objects, imbedded in resin. I will be continuing to find new ways to play with this fun and facinating medium.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little Techy experience For Nerds Only

I found out the other day that if you leave an SD card in your computer when you shut down and forget to take it out, the computer when it starts, will try to boot from the SD card.
That happened to me one morning after a late night photo editing, I forgot the card and when I tried to start up I got an interesting text screen. The first time I just exited pulled out the card and waited....nothing but the black screen with the white blinking "verifying midi pool data" message. I did a hard shut down and waited a few minutes and started it again.
Instead of booting normally, I was again directed to enter the set-up and this time I did. Once in the BIOS I was able to reset it to the default boot settings. Luckily my courses on computers and the interaction between the hardware and the software helped me greatly from panicking. I was able to navigate using the arrows as in the BIOS there is no mouse. A red highlighted key in the lower left of the screen prompted me to exit, and old DOS Y/N prompt came up with the Y highlighted. I hit enter and the machine finally booted normally. In trying to boot from the SD card the boot order had been changed, meaning that the hard drive, holding the operating system was no longer the first in the order making the OS unable to load. The moral of the story is to always remove any cards like that before shut down.
I will admit my heart was beating fast at first, but if that had happened in when I first started using a digital camera before I know what I know now I would have been mush brained with panic and on the phone to a tech rep.