Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Other Interests and Activities Kept Me Away

I had a very busy spring and summer taking care of my gardens and when fall ended the gardening season, I got back into my polymer clay, experimenting with taking egg shaped vessels in an entirely new direction.

I've always loved birds, with their cute feathered bodies and adorable mannerisms. The way they hop instead of walking, and the way they tilt their heads. They were one of the first creatures I sculpted. I used Sculpey III, because it was the lowest price, for a beginner like me, and my sister who introduced me to polymer clay had sent me a good sized starter kit. I didn't have a pasta machine then and the easy conditioning made it more appealing to me so that's what I continued to buy. At the time Sculpey was used as the clay of choice in some of the featured books too.

With the addition of a Michael's to our area, Premo has become my clay of choice. From what I understand, there have been many changes and additions to some of the brands, (Fimo especially) and I don't even know if Premo as I know it today even existed back in 1999. The egg shaped vessels, in my previous post, and the birds seen here are made with Premo. I love the fine texture and the way it comes up to such a high gloss with sanding and varnishing. I still buy the florescent shades of Sculpey, at times too, which I combine with Premo to get a brighter effect.

The first photo shows one that I made as a gift, to my sister, who loves chickens in art. That was my first chicken, and I realized that they are both cute and some of the breeds are really beautiful.
I've also been covering pens too, and and testing them for durability. I plan to share more on that later, and I'll try to come back more often.