Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wearable Vessels Evolving

I've been continuing on my quest to create wearable vessels and have been mastering new techniques. This also includes new forays into caning and mica shift. In my newest piece, the canework captured the mica shift beautifully.
I molded the clay around an original form so it is truly one of a kind. This vessel, based on an inro, (small lacquered, wearable vessels originating in Japan) is bigger than my first, and I plan to gradually work up to more practical pieces big enough to use as small purses.
The Japanese inros were decorated all the way around, from what I understand, and so are my vessels.
I have some shots of it, in it's still unvarnished state. I may make some matching slider beads, and accent beads for dangles. These are informal quick shots, done on the fly.

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